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Happy Tails Pet Resort

Two happy dogs.

Dog Daycare

While your pet stays at Happy Tails Pet Resort, they will enjoy the ultimate pampering and attention from our highly-trained team of pet-loving staff. Amenities include web cameras, soothing music, nature walks, one-on-one time with staff, social play with other dogs, and more!

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Dog Daycare

Build your pups confidence with structured and fun socialization with both dogs and humans. Your canine friend will receive 2 outdoor play times on our turfed play yard as well as 2 patio times in their spacious indoor/outdoor suite. Your pup will go out with dogs around their size and based on age and temperament. They will learn how to appropriately greet and play with other dogs, in a safe and supervised environment.

Private Play

At Happy Tails, we understand that not all dogs enjoy the company of other dogs and prefer human attention more than anything. Our staff will spend one on one time in our outdoor turfed yard with your canine friend 2 times a day, plus 2 patio times in their spacious indoor/outdoor suite. This is great for those owners that may spend a long time away from home that need their pup to receive love and potty breaks throughout the day.

Additional Activities

Our team is happy to offer our boarding guests exciting and engaging activities, including

  • Nature Walks: 20 minutes individual walk and play in large outdoor backyard

  • Private Playtimes: 15 minute one-on-one play sessions with staff

  • Group Playtimes: monitored social play with other dogs

  • Midnight Potty Walks: individual time in turf courtyard

  • Photo Update: Happy Tails staff will take a photo of your pet and upload it to your Pro Pet online album for you to view.

  • Enrichment Services:

    • Brain Games/Puzzle Toys or Nosework Session: 20-minute fun interactive way to build confidence, burn mental calories, and enjoy some yummy treats. 

    • Cuddle Time: 20-minute cuddle to receive all the warmth and love with lots of pets and snuggles.

    • Ball/Tug Time: 20-minute ball and tug time session in the yard. Great way to exert some energy with some fun toys!

Special Treats & Goodies

From doggie ice cream and pupsicle bones to cow ears and pig snouts for our more savory-inclined guests, we've got something to make each day of your pet's stay a little extra-special!


Treat your pup to a go-home bath and nail trim at the end of their stay! We'll have them looking and smelling great when you arrive for pick-up.

Guest Policies

Bedding & Toys

Happy Tails provides all bedding and follows strict laundry and disinfecting procedures for the health and safety of pets and staff. If pets chew up or shred their bedding, the bedding will be removed to avoid serious choking hazards or intestinal blockage. Clients are permitted to bring their own pet toys [one (1) hard chew toy per dog at least 2 ½” in diameter - no rawhides, destructible toys, and rope toys]. Upon request, nylabones and safe chew toys can be provided. The health and safety of your pet always comes first.

Pet Food

We encourage you to bring the food your pet eats at home to enjoy while they stay with us. Changing a pet’s food can cause stomach irritation and digestive issues, so we prefer to feed them the food they regularly eat. If you forget your food for meals – no worries! Our high-quality in-house food can be provided at the owner’s request for $3 per day.

Medical Care

Boarding can be stressful for a pet in a new environment and following a different daily routine. We do all we can to minimize that stress by providing attentive, caring and well-trained staff, and by maintaining a strict cleaning and disinfecting protocol. However, even with the best of care, pets can react to a new environment—the most common symptoms being decreased appetite, loose stools and/or vomiting. Our staff is alert to these changes in your pet and, should any of these problems occur, we will contact the owner and provide updates. Should your pet require emergency or other medical care by a veterinarian, we will transport your pet to your veterinary clinic or to the emergency room.

Transportation: Transportation to veterinarian for medical care

Vaccination & Screening Requirements

Happy Tails Pet Resort requires written proof of vaccinations and screenings from your veterinarian before your pet can be boarded. Vaccination & Screening Requirements

Reservation Requirements & Cancellation Policy

Non-Holidays: Reservations are required. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required prior to first day of boarding. Cancellation without proper notice or a no-show for an appointment will result in an additional fee.

Holidays, including Spring Break: Reservations and a deposit per suite are required. A five (5) day cancellation notice is required prior to first day of boarding. Cancellation without proper notice or a no-show for an appointment will result in forfeiture of deposit.

Note: For major holidays and Spring Break, depending on the holiday, two (2) weeks to two (2) months advance reservation may be required.

Rates are by the day. Charges are for the full day regardless of pet drop-off time. Prices are subject to change without notice.