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Dog Training

You'll be saying "Good Dog" in no time!

We’re here to help you and your dog live your best lives together.

Board and Train

2-Week Program $1700 | 3-Week Program $2350 | 4-Week Program $2900

We offer a 2-week, 3-week and 4-week intensive program where your dog will stay with us and learn better behavior every waking moment, whether it’s in our play yards, during obedience lessons, or even on field trips around town.  After the two weeks, it’s your turn to learn in four private lessons.  The first private lesson is at our facility, followed by two at your home, then usually one in a public place such as a park, the trail, wherever you want your dog to behave!

Program includes one initial play day evaluation, boarding fees, training sessions throughout the day, trainer-assisted socialization in the play yards, one intake session, one outtake session and 2 private follow up visits at the facility or home.

Puppy Consultation


From a behavior standpoint, this is the most valuable thing you can do for your new puppy and your household. If you get started on the right paw, numerous behavior issues can be avoided.  We discount this consultation to make it as accessible as possible.This one hour visit addresses:

●       Housebreaking

●       Crate training

●       How to socialize properly

●       How to deal with common puppy issues such as jumping, nipping, and chewing

●       Basic obedience commands, such as sit, down, and come

Day Train 

10 Day Program: $1399 | 15 Day Program: $1975 | 20 Day Program: $2500

Our Day Train program offers the same training experience for your dog as in our Board and Train program, but your pet will go home with you every evening instead of boarding with us at our facility. Each day your dog will work with one of our professional trainers and will be sent home with a progress report, which includes skills for owners to practice each evening to help successfully transfer their dog's training to them at home.

Private Training and Behavior Consultations


Private training sessions are a good alternative for dogs who are more comfortable in the home or owners who prefer to be even more involved in their dogs’ training. Our private behavior consultations are for dogs and owners needing help with more serious behavior issues, such as but not limited to, separation anxiety, fear of people or dogs, leash reactivity and adult housebreaking issues.

Package discounts for multiple sessions are available. We are flexible about location, and will make suggestions depending on your dog’s skill level and focus and your goals.

Happy Tails’ Training Methods

Choosing a dog trainer is a big decision. All of our training techniques are positive, rewards-based, and scientifically grounded in Applied Behaviorism. Our reputation and experience is well documented in the Austin metro area and our training programs and facility are built to deliver results.  We can tailor a program that helps you find more harmony in your home.

Client Reviews & Testimonials

We value our clients’ training experience at Taurus Academy. Here’s what some people are saying about us.

Our puppy was transformed. It was amazing. They went to great lengths to place him in play groups that would allow him to learn. They worked with him, reinforcing the basic training we had begun. And most of all, they took the time to really know our dog.

Tess T.

Over the years I've boarded my dogs in different facilities, but Happy Tails is a whole other level of service and care. The entire staff TRULY loves animals and I've seen such a connection between the employees and the dogs in their care.

Nikki J.

I am extremely happy with the service they provide. The facility is clean, the staff are really good with my HIGH ENERGY border collie. The proof is in how excited she gets whenever we go!

Anita C.

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